COVID-19 – Moving Forward

Here at A1 Barcode Systems we will try and remain open and available to help all of our federal and commercial customers during the emergency with Covad-19 and the coronavirus. Our warehouses and manufactures may experience some slowdowns due to guidelines set forth by the CDC, but overall we are open and available.

Do understand some delays in answering or returning your call could occur, but we will get back to you normally within an hour. We do have employees working from home that have to manage lack of childcare and other issues. At this time, we have no backlog and that has not been much of an issue. Always, email us also if you have something urgent sometime that might get to us quicker.

It would be horrible if our VA customers, and DOD did not have what they need to serve our country and our veterans. In the federal space we supply the CDC, Coast Guard, IRS, Veteran Administration, FEMA, DLA, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Marines, NASA, DHS, ICE, and many others. For that reason, and many others we will do our best to remain open and available.

Our hours are still and to the best of our ability will be 8-5 PM CST M-F. We also have a Disaster Recovery item on our GSA Schedule where that might apply.