Barcode Scanners and Handhelds Computers

Barcode hardware is what we know best.   If you need to do data collection with barcode or RFID, we can help!

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Barcode Printers

We have barcode printers models in Tabletop/Industrials, Desktop, Mobile, RFID,  Wristband, and know how to fit you.

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In media, you must select the correct label and ribbon combination to get the right results for adhesion and and to get the proper image and results.  Give us a call!

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Since 1997

At A1

We are barcode specialists.  Labels, printers, ribbons, scanners, software, mobile computers, and tablets are our specialty.

A1 has over 17 years of experience working with our federal customers on our GSA Schedule.  In barcoding, this is a long time.  We understand barcode integration, and we successfully solve our customers' problems day to day.  We are extremely efficient in processing both commercial and GSA Schedule-Federal Government orders.

Barcode Guy

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Call us today at T: 251.626.7368x0 and allow us to guide you through this maze called barcoding.  Barcoding is not that complicated, but it helps to work with the technology and its changes to understand its nuances.